Wire name wizard hand crafts wire names for necklaces, broach pins, anklets and bookmarks.

Necklace s are available in

  • medium link tarnish resistant silver chain 
  • leather neck ring 
  • Fine or metal neck ring 
  • Organza ribbon necklace 

Broach Pins are available in designs

  • Butterfly
  • Flower
  • Dragon Fly
  • Teddy Bear

We also custom craft designs upon application.

Wire names in silver plated wire are all $25 inclusive of design

You may also choose to add a swarvski birthstone crystal to dangle from your wire name, these are a gorgeous addition to our handmade keepsake creation, and we stock all 12 months of birthstone crystals, these are $3 each crystal dangle.

You may also choose to add a small charm to your wire name, please chat with us to discuss your requirements.  We stock over 500 charms, and to dangle a charm, this needs to be a small charm so as not to take anything away from the wire name keepsake.

You will notice on some wire names there is a small blue/black bead threaded within the heart, these are a gorgeous free addition to your wire name if you wish,and have been selected as they change colour when exposed to the light.

You will also notice on some designs there are a small crystal bead drop, these are $2 if you wish for these to be added to your wire name keepsake, we create these to suit your order if you choose.

Our silver plated wire is made from an imported high quality German wire product, which visibly resembles sterling silver to the naked eye.  We gift as a bonus a silver polishing cloth which encourages you to polish your wire name often to increase your wearing lifespan,

Each wire name is packed in a gift bag along with a care for your wire card and silver polishing cloth.

postage is $5 registered post per parcel.

our Facebook page link is facebook.com/wirenamewizard

Wire names are proving to be very popular once again, people love to connect with their name.  Our Broach pins are a fabulous accessorise for any outfit, you can wear them with pride on your shirt, display them on your hat  or tie and even place them on your hand bag, so many uses, and all personalised for each order.

we have created many Broach pins for clubs and groups, as a substitute trophy for end of year events, we custom craft our broach pins in this instance to ensure we capture the essence of your group, as you will see with our horse broach pins, all custom crafted for pony clubs, so as their members can wear them on their tie with pride at each event.

We have custom crafted wire names for photographers, so as they can add a prop to their baby photography, we have also crafted business wire names for media advertisements, and large wire names for coat hangers and picture frames.

Many of our clients share with us, that they had a wire name creation when they were young, and love the concept of re creating their name in wire.   We also create many wire names for christening and birth presents as so many parents in today’s world, are quiet inventive with their chosen children’s names, and this leads customers to us, to craft unusual names in wire as a gorgeous unique personalised keepsake gift.

we attend markets, events and festivals in south east Queensland, with our complete keepsake collection, therefore you can find us at our next local event and have your wire name crafted for you while you wait for your order, or you may order on line, or phone or email us to discuss your order, wirenamewizard@gmail.com

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