History of Rice Writing

Many years ago when I researched Rice Writing,  I found that Rice writing originated in Turkey in the 1800’s, and was said to be a sign of prosperity and wealth to give the gift of rice.

Some also now report,  that Rice writing originated in Ancient Anatolia and India.  Many ancient ones were skilled in writing messages around the rice grain and crafting miniature paintings all on a single grain of rice, and this craft has been passed through the generations to a minority of Artisan’s  in today’s world whom craft these miniature paintings.

Rice Writing has shown to be a popular gift for many generations, and when you travel world-wide, you will usually find an Artisan at local markets hand crafting rice grains into amazing keepsakes.

 In today’s world, most of us Artisans write around the grain and place the grain into a small glass jewel, which is then filled with a preserved oil, to encompass the rice grain for evermore. Sometimes an enhancement is also added such as a necklace, bracelet or keying.

Rice writing as an Artisan hand craft,  is now practiced all over the world, and we are one of a minority of Australian Artisans who practice this ancient art LIVE at markets & events.

Our Rice Jewels are a truly beautiful unique personalized memory keepsake gift for any occasion,  for either yourself or your someone special.

Our passion is to craft our unique personalized Rice Jewel memory keepsake gifts for each and every customer.    Each order is unique & personalized ensuring each & every Rice Jewel creation shares a personal story to encompass an everlasting memory keepsake to the receiver of our gorgeous Rice Jewel keepsake creation.

So what is a Rice Jewel?

There are 2 styles of Rice Jewels – Crystal and Cylinder.

Our Rice Jewels are all made from glass, and all $15 each. This includes the actual glass Rice Jewel including 1 single grain of rice, with 2 names/words written thereon.

Requests will also be considered upon application, for those who may wish for a third or fourth name to be written around the one single grain, there is a $3 cost for each extra name after 2 around the one rice grain.    Please note some names are more difficult to write than others, therefore when a 3rd and 4th name is added as an extra around the 1 grain, it takes quite a skill to do so, hence our $3 cost for 3rd & 4th name on the one grain.

We carry stock of approx 35 Crystal design Rice Jewels, available in many colours and designs,  and these Jewels will hold 1 single rice grain only.

Our Cylinder style Rice Jewel, is available as a plain cylinder in various colours, or as a cylinder which also has a decoration inbeded into the glass on the outside. These can sometimes be flowers, dragonflies, heart etc. There are various designs of these cylinders, some are slender cylinders and some are small short bottles.

Cylinders allow you to place several rice grains into the one glass cylinder jewel. The added advantage of a cylinder is also that you are insert to add various beautiful embellishments (noted below)    Your cylinder will be supplied with 1 single rice grain with 2 names; further grains are available for  $1 each with 2 names on each, max of 4 rice grains in each  cylinder. (there is no charge for the embellishment decorations)

Small Diamante  mixed colours

Small Diamante  – clear

Small Dried Flower string – variety of colours

Glitter –   silver, gold, blue, purple, red, green, pink

Micro Beads – mixed colours

Glitter Stars – mixed colours

You may enhance your Rice Jewel Keepsake, by adding one of our gorgeous enhancements from our collection of Key rings, Bracelets, Necklaces , Pandora Style Bail, Bookmark, Clasp, Handbag Dangle, Wedding Garter, or a  cute and cuddly baby soft toy

We also create gorgeous handmade wedding garters. Select your Rice Jewel design and colour have the Bride and Grooms name written on the rice grain. We attach your chosen Rice Jewel to a Pandora style bail, and then sew to a Wedding Garters or Horseshoe.

A beautiful everlasting memory keepsake treasure for the bride to be. After the day of celebration the bride is able to wear the Rice Jewel as she wishes. You can either make your own wedding garter, or make a selection from our Wedding Garter range. A fabulous idea is also for you to craft your own Wedding Garter from  a piece of fabric that has significant meaning to your family, then attach our Rice Jewel to compliment the garter.  We also stock  a range of Wedding Horseshoes for this same purpose.

We create Baby naming ceremony and christening gifts, write the baby’s DOB & date on the rice grain and attach your Rice Jewel to a gorgeous cute & cuddly soft toy, a gift to treasure always, we carry a range of baby soft toys, or you may purchase your own soft toy, and attach our  Rice Jewel Keepsake with a soft ribbon tie.

We stock an extensive selection of silver plated charms, available from $1 each, with any Rice Jewel.  Charms are a gorgeous addition to any Rice Jewel to enhance the keepsake.  As we stock a large selection of charms,  when creating your order, you may wish to add a charm that reflects either a hobby or something about the person who will be wearing the Rice Jewel, ie piano, motor bike, dragon, heart, baby, horse, word charm etc.

Standard postage is $2.00 per parcel within Australia, however we recommend registered post  for $5.00 per parcel. If you do not select registered post, then we will not be held responsible if Aust post loose your parcel.

Messages Ideas to write on your Rice Jewel

Brian / ♥ Mary

I ♥ Life

Georgia   /  ♥ Life

Love Life

Live Life

Jackie – I ♥ Dance

Sam –    I ♥ Rugby

Diana – ♥ Nan & Pop

Jenny – ♥ Mum & Dad

Mark –    Safe Travels

Sue – RIP

Jan –      I am grateful

Happy 21st / Shaylea ♥

or ie and ie happy 18th / 21st / 50th etc

Mary  – meaning of their name on the back

Best friends – customers purchase our 2 piece heart for this occasion, where by you have 2 rice grains

Baby’s Name /   Baby DOB

Baby Christening

Baby Name Ceremony

Marriage – both names on rice grain

Engagements  – both names on rice grain

Pets – Pets name and phone number

Pets Name – phone number on other side or registration no or phone no

Plus much , much,  more, remember, we are only limited by our  imagination – the sky’s the limit.

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