Keepsake Name Rings

Every keepsake piece is carefully hand stamped to ensure your personalized order is a unique keepsake  is crafted to your exact wording order requirements.  As we hand stamp manually with a hammer, this ensures that each piece is individually and carefully hand stamped one letter at a time.  Which in turn provides each piece with its individual uniqueness and ensures that no 2 stampings will ever be visually exactly the same.

In doing so, you may find on occasions there may be sometimes slight variations in the alignment or spacing of numbers, characters & letters.  These variations should be seen as an enhancement to the unique quality of your personalized keepsake piece and not by any means a defect or flaw in the craftsmanship of your piece.

You have opted to purchase a unique hand crafted personalized keepsake, all hand stamped ~ ensuring that your piece is crafted as a one of masterpiece from our Keepsake Collection.

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