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All About Keepsakes is passionate about crafting unique personalised keepsake gifts for any occasion. We stock an extensive collection of Silver Plated Charms, and a small range of 925 SS charms.

We craft many custom orders for Weddings, End of year Celebrations, Trophy Nights and much more.  We have crafted quite a number of custom broach pins for Pony Clubs.  Where we add a horse charm to a broach pin and bend a personalised wire name.  These broach pins are then worn by Pony Club members on their uniform tie. a novel and personalised gift to celebrate their amazing club year, and a keepsake to treasure for ever more.

Our goal is to custom craft our 3 unique Keepsakes  to order, each and every time. If you have an idea in mind and do not see a Keepsake in our gallery that matches your gift idea, we encourage you to take the time to contact us to discuss your individual needs and we can work together to craft a keepsake to capture the essence of the moment intended.


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