Our Passion – My Creation – Your Keepsake

Our Passion is creating unique personalised memory keepsake gifts for any occasion.

We live on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, in South East Queensland, and attend various local markets, festivals and events in SE Qld each weekend showcasing our Keepsake Collection.

We have  developed over time a passion for crafting Keepsakes. We commenced firstly with writing names around a rice grain, and aptly named this ancient hand craft, Rice Jewels. Where we take a small grain of common rice, and write names and messages around the grain, all to create a Keepsake.  We then place the  rice grain into a small glass Jewel, where you are then able to add an enhancement such as a necklace, bracelet, etc.

We then later developed the love for Wire Name bending, where we take a roll of beautiful German Silver plated 18 gauge wire, and within about 10 minutes are able to craft a gorgeous Wire Name creation, hence our choice of name, Wire Name Wizard. We then add the Wire Name to your choice of Necklace, Anklet, Bookmark or one of our stunning  Broach Pin designs.

To complete our Keepsake Collection in 2012, we launched our metal stamping range, whereby we hand stamp names and messages on Stainless Steel. We primarily hand stamp on 316 Surgical Steel rings,  and have aptly named this hand craft Keepsake Name Rings. We have also more recently expanded our range of  Stainless Steel to include Washers and Disc’s  and this continues to enhance our Keepsake Collection.

You will find within the pages  of our  All About Keepsakes web site various beautiful photos showcasing our Keepsake Collection range on offer, plus many photos within our keepsake galleries of gorgeous customer Keepsake creations.

We ask that you please bear with us for a little longer, as we continue to enhance our Web Site capabilities, to ensure each and every visitor to our Web Site has a wonderful experience and is in awe of our Keepsake Collection.

You will find our Keepsake Gallery brimming with beautiful pictures of Keepsake creations from our wonderful customer base, if you find something that  you love, and would love to place an order, please take the time to message me via our contact tab on allaboutkeepsakes.com so as we are able to customise your keepsake order to you personally.

We have also included a range of Keepsake Gifts, where we will showcase a collection of gift items for the whole family.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions, or suggestions at any time via our contact tab, via email or phone

Each Keepsake supports their own individual facebook page,  we encourage you to visit and like each Keepsake facebook page and peruse our photo tab gallery where we anticipate you will be inspired to create your own Keepsake creation.

Wish Upon Your  Keepsake